Our Mission

Following are the Objectives mandated by the Pakistani American Congress Constitution
  1. To present the interests of Pakistani culture residing in the United States.
  2. To preserve and foster Pakistani culture and heritage.
  3. To promote, coordinate and conduct various activities and programs for the advancement of interests of the Pakistani Americans.
  4. To build a communications network among Pakistani Americans and their organizations nationwide, to coordinate their activities and to function as an information clearinghouse.
  5. To develop a think-tank of talent and expertise in order to help in the overall development effort of Pakistan and the Pakistani communities.
  6. To foster friendship, understanding and cooperation between Pakistanis and the American society at large and to promote and enhance the Pakistani image.
  7. To organize conventions and conferences in order to further the above objectives.
  8. To solicit, raise, receive, manage and disburse funds to carry out the above objectives either directly or in cooperation with other organizations.
Goals and Targets 2015-2017