What We Have Accomplished


In 1994 PAC Undertook a Kashmir project, which produced a book: Kashmir a happy valley, a valley of death by professor William Baker. This led to many resolutions of the US congress on Kashmir and India-Pakistan conflict. PAC raised $100k for the publication of this book that exposed the heinous crimes and atrocities of the Indian security forces on the defense less people of Kashmir.

In 1995 PAC Coordinated a campaign for the exchange of the brown amendment in the US senate in which doing so relaxed sanctions on the arms & military technical aid.

PAC has showed its muscles through its members voting to help and support pro-Pakistan candidates running for the elected office and to oppose, counter and even help replace anti-Pakistani and radical congressional leaders with friendly ones.

Subsequent to the nuclear tests in May 1998, PAC held effective meetings with high level US officials and top Pakistani leadership for cooling off the reaction and creating an understanding of Pakistan’s position.

PAC officials worked hard and successfully lobbied for removal of US sanctions against Pakistan.

Successfully reverted the anti-Pakistan propaganda of the Indian lobby during and after the hijacking drama in January 2000.

In the middle of July, the friends of Pakistan in the US congress thwarted the terrorism hearing focused on Pakistan by urging the committee to look at terrorism as a regional issue & also look into state terrorism of India in Kashmir.

Organized as well as co-sponsored seminars, workshops, and conferences on important issues and leadership training in various cities of US and Pakistan.

Promoted relations between the US and Pakistani think tanks to contribute to more effective policy formation for better US-Pakistani relations and overall development of Pakistan.

During the current INS/NSEERS (national security eatery exit registration system) crises where Pakistan was among 18 countries whose nationals in the US were required mandatory INS registration. PAC mobilized its local members comments in major cities through out the United States providing guidance, legal & moral support to avoid panic in the community. It’s close working relations with ACLU, national and regional chapters paid off in a great way. ACLU provide pro-bono legal services to our community members and also provided education through radio talk shows and town hall meetings. PAC kept close contact with INS directors in different cities and arranged town hall meetings with local community organizations first orientations , education and understanding. PAC is proud of the fact that its member organization did a fantastic job in this crisis situation and made this process less painful than expected and help was there through out this ordeal. Last but not least our Pakistani embassy under the leadership of ambassador Qazi, did a fairly good job of giving hope and solace to the community. He Quoted as saying:

We are with you don’t you worry or panic”. Embassy set up a hotline for help and sent its officials to different cities to gather data and make sure Pakistani are treated well in the lock-ups. They also coordinated their efforts with the local community organizations and the ambassador traveled to almost every city where there was significant amount of Pakistani Americans”.

Contributed to effective coverage in the print and electronic media on issues and views important and beneficial to Pakistan and Pakistani Americans.

Institutionalized PAC annual summit on “Pak-American friendship” in Washington, DC and also in Islamabad, Pakistan. PAC will continue to build & improve upon these healthy traditions